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6 tips to help improve your hatch rates when incubating eggs

I get asked all the time, what sort of hatch rates will I get using this incubator? My answer is always the same as there are so many factors that will affect your hatch rate that getting a good quality incubator is only one piece of the puzzle.

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The Best Chicken Brooder to Help You Save $$ on your Electricity Bills!

Take the hassle of getting the settings correct and save time and money with the CHICKPLATE chicken brooder from Brookfield Poultry Equipment.

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Which is the best egg incubator to buy in Australia?

We have 2 main brands, the GQF incubators from the US and the Borotto range of incubators from Italy. Both are high quality, reliable machines but it will depend on a range of factors including your exact needs and of course your budget.

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